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Stock Rocket of 2015

Few companies increase their valuation by a factor of 5 in only 12 months. Nevertheless BoConcept pulled off this feat in 2015, outperforming all other stocks on the NASDAQ OMX COPENHAGEN in the process.

In the late summer of 2014 BoConcept and Strategy Office initiated a 30-month collaboration centred around the design and execution of the transformation program Horizon 16/17. Half way into the program the efforts are beginning to pay off and BoConcept is poised to deliver the best result ever in the history of the company a year ahead of plan.

Learn more about the transformation and prospects for BoConcept from CEO Torben Paulin here.

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Strategy Office delivers the best of two traditionally incompatible options - the knowledge, approach and external perspectives of management consultants coupled with the continuity, accountability and service mindset of an internal function – through a service based and cost effective engagement model.

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Most industries are becoming more volatile, uncertain, complex and fast paced. We are the management team’s co-pilot, helping you read the terrain, anticipate the road ahead and get your organization in shape to cope in changing circumstances while delivering results.

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