Avoiding The Culture Traps

We’ve worked with companies where new strategies were executed through old structures and processes. And others where outdated mindsets prevented fresh thinking and strategy from getting grip and traction. As the saying goes, culture eats strategy for breakfast.

When that happens, someone will eventually ask the question: do we have a strategy or an execution problem? In most cases, separating the two misses the real point. A strategy that does not factor in execution is wishful thinking. And execution that is not guided by strategic perspective and choice is a ship without a compass. Strategy and execution are intimately related in a virtuous or a vicious cycle. Drop the ball in one domain, and it will cascade through to the other, creating huge amounts of waste, inefficiency, frustration and disappointments. Get them both right, and everyone feels the surge of rising momentum even before the results start ticking in.

So, start your next strategy process by letting go of the orthodoxies and institutionalized truths in your business. Then go to work on your future from the future. At the back end of the process, pay heed to the adage that structure follows strategy. Don’t fall for the temptation of expecting the old operating model and organization to deliver a new level of performance and results.