Strategy in a Structural Break: Look to Both Sides of Change

Every company reemerging from the lock downs must establish a new baseline. For many management teams going back to the strategy drawing board the first question is: Which consumer and business behaviors have changed for good and how should we adapt? Good strategy is always grounded in the particulars of a company and the specifics

Strategizing Fast and Slow

As companies begin to reemerge from the Corona crisis, many management teams will go back to the strategy drawing board. The first impetus will defensive, but in times of crisis we tend to overestimate the speed and magnitude of change in fundamentals such as consumer needs and desires. More often, what changes is competitor capabilities

Democratizing Strategy

The strategy process is being democratized. More and more management teams are opening the strategy process for broader organizational involvement and input. It’s a positive trend that alleviates real deficiencies in the old top-down paradigm. First, you increase the odds of getting insights about customers, competitors and the inner workings of your company that are

The Execution Premium

Disciplined execution increases your capacity to seize and follow through on new opportunities and double down on existing ones. It’s a positive sum game.

Playing Offense

As corporate stewards many of us are conditioned to play defense. Looking ahead however, playing it too safe will be the safest predictor of stagnation and decline.

Taking The Long View

In fact, the way we think and work has more in common with global macro investors and venture capitalists than with traditional management consultants.

The End of Best Practices

Business is an open-ended infinite game, and best practices only transfer in finite, rule-based games like chess. Know thyself is a virtue as important and valuable for businesses as it is for individuals.

Pop The Question

Many strategy processes suffer from a lack of preparatory thinking and alignment, but if you don’t ask and align, you’re asking for trouble.