Your strategy office

Why Bring in Strategy Office?

We help you leverage the power of good strategy to grow and win.

As a management team, half your job is figuring out how to think about and invest for tomorrow. In reality however, many teams don’t set aside bandwidth to prioritize strategy while others open and close the strategy book at the annual two-day off-site. Imaging climbing Everest without a plan, or with the map you used to ascend the Alps last year…

The problem is particularly acute if you are running a mid-sized company. You’ve left behind the singular vision and organizational nimbleness of the early years, and you’re approaching the complexity of large global companies. Yet you don’t have the deep cross-functional capabilities, organizational machinery and operational scale of these. Caught in between the advantages of focus and scale, many mid-sized businesses end up stuck in the middle or emulating ‘best practices’ instead of originating strategy.

Engagement Models

Strategy Co-pilot. We design and drive large scale strategic efforts such as strategic transformation, growth acceleration or turn-arounds. For example, we helped BoConcept design and execute a turn-around program followed by a growth acceleration program resulting in an 8-fold increase in enterprise value over 24 months.

Strategy as a Service. We design, manage and facilitate the annual strategy cycle across a fixed cadence of workshops. It typically starts with a review of key changes in the operating environment and an assessment of new opportunities and threats. Then we move forward to assess and adjust the keystone choices and major priorities, and we conclude by operationalizing strategic initiatives and funding them through the budgeting process. We also help program manage and support deployment of major change initiatives. As an example, we have run SimCorp’s annual strategy cycle for 6 years in a row following this rough script, witnessing enterprise value climb 600% in the process.

Strategy Projects. We design and drive compact, time-boxed initiatives such as new corporate strategy, growth and business model development, sales and service transformations and corporate venturing. For example, we helped Bang & Olufsen develop a new strategic direction on the back of which a fresh capital injection of Dkk 400m was secured. In another example, we helped SimCorp design and deploy a new customer engagement model, reconfiguring the account management, service and support organizations in the process.

Strategy Workshops. We help companies explore, generate and test alternatives to their current strategies and business models. For example, we helped Nel Hydrogen explore new business models and adjust their strategy for winning in the emerging high-stakes markets for green steel and fertilizer production and hydrogen fueling infrastructure at scale.

Strategy for Startups. We help startups sharpen their strategy and investor communication, and raise capital. For example, we have helped Nordic based startups such as Dreamlake and Coherra set their strategic direction and raise angel capital.