Your strategy office

Delivered as a service

As an executive, half your job is figuring out how to think about and prepare for tomorrow. We’re here to help you start today.

Our aspiration is to help you envision a distinct and compelling future for your company – and to enable your organization to build it. To that end, we work with you to think through complex change, uncover new possibilities, inform strategic choices, orchestrate change and drive fast paced execution.

Why bring in Strategy Office?

Many management teams don’t feel they have the bandwidth to prioritize strategy and strategic thinking. Alas, strategy development often ends up as a mildly dysfunctional ritual: the annual strategy off-site. The result is strategy without bite, change without commitment, and daily business issues crowding out strategic priorities.

Most of management teams regret this state of affairs. Still, many companies are not quite big enough to warrant the cost of an internal strategy and program office. And except for the very largest, most organizations are not geared to get full value from the traditional, large-scale consulting model.

Strategy Office is the solution in between these two choices. Our as-a-service business model is designed to deliver the thinking, flexibility and experience of seasoned management consultants coupled with the continuity and commitment of an internal team.